The development of technology is increasingly massive today. There are various kinds of conveniences and uniqueness that can be obtained from using it. One of the more familiar technological developments today is the development of technology in the form of sophisticated communication tools. Android or iOS-based smartphones are the keys to world community activities.

There are many applications that can be used in smartphones, or what we usually call smartphones. These applications can be categorized into productive applications, entertainment applications, and so on. One of the entertainment applications that are very widely used by people is the Tik Tok application. This application allows someone to make a music video (MV). Various kinds of songs can be made MV with a variety of camera effects available. taking pictures for an MV on Tik-Tok is an alternative means of entertainment that can be obtained by someone.

The video that is uploaded on the Tik-Tok application is expected to become one of the popular videos. There are many ways to make this happen. One way is to buy fans and hearts in trusted service providers. Fans and hearts that get on one of the videos can make the video popular or viral. Buy TikTok followers become an easier way, right?

Impact of Using the Tik-Tok Application

Apart from being a medium of entertainment, there are many other impacts a person can get through tik tock. These impacts follow positive impacts and negative impacts. What are they? Here is the impact that can have when deciding to try the Tik-Tok application on your smartphone.

1. Developing creativity

Creating work requires high enough imagination or creativity. Even though it’s simple, every video made on Tik-Tok also requires considerable creativity from within a person. every human being does have the gift of creativity to do something. However, if not trained consistently, these abilities certainly cannot be sharp.

One way to practice it is by actively using the Tik-Tok application. Users of this application will be challenged to make an MV that is different from the others. Indeed, for those who are not used to it, watching the many MV results that have been made by other people can be a solution. That way, gradually your creativity will be honed. Don’t be afraid to start something new. Who knows from using the Tik Tok application, creativity to do other things can be formed.

2. Practicing videography skills

In accordance with what has been explained in the previous number, besides creativity, someone’s videography skills can be trained by using this application. Especially in an era like today, this ability is very much needed, especially in the creative world. There are so many job fields that require this ability as one of the qualifications that must be met by applicants.

The number of camera effects in the Tik-Tok application makes one take into account carefully how to take the right picture. Apart from shooting techniques, editing skills can also be made better by using this application a lot.

3. A place of appreciation

In making work, it is important to get a form of appreciation. This will make someone get criticism or praise which will be very useful for other works that will be made. Apart from making MV on Tik-Tok, this application can also be used as a place of appreciation. Comments that you want to convey to the MV maker can be delivered directly in the application. However, keep in mind to give constructive comments, yes. Do not let someone leave a comment that is not eager to make another work.

4. Make videos that are inappropriate

Apart from positive impacts, there are also negative impacts that can be obtained from the Tik-Tok application. The absence of filters or filters in place makes some people make videos that are deemed inappropriate. Do you guys remember about the video made on the Tik-Tok app about a woman who perpetuates her grandfather’s funeral in an inappropriate way? This is what makes an example that the Tik-Tok application is also an application that can have a negative impact. It is true that someone needs to create creative content, but we also need to consider whether a video is appropriate or not.

5. Generation bowed

Another negative impact that can be obtained from using the Tik-Tok application is that there will be more generations of crouching on this earth. Before the existence of technology in the form of smartphones, there were a lot of people who liked to spend their free time communicating with other people. However, after the existence of this technology, people prefer to spend time playing with their respective smartphones.